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Sites with traffic

For websites that have trackable and accountable traffic we have set metrics put in place where we can establish a price. Of course this also traffic, the subject of the website, and the likelihood of conversion or sales etc make an enormous difference in the site's value.

Website has a lot of traffic but no commercial value we can only value the site on a possible add words revenue return, which of course much lower.

To give you a rough idea of what your site with traffic may be worth, a short rule of thumb is approximately £50 per thousand visitors. Of course the more commercial nature of the website can increase this figure, conversely the site of no commercial merit could decrease this figure.

Where a website is actually the online presence of a business which is ceasing to trade, this again has additional value. Possibly the best thing to do, is descenders and email, using our contact form with the URL of the website. Although we can estimate traffic if you can include traffic stats for the last three months that would be useful.

Sites without traffic

Sites without traffic, regardless of subject, are evaluated on the quality of both the websites design and the content. Websites that have neither of the aforementioned have no value to us. websites that well written and well designed worth approximately between one and three pounds per page. of course this is a very general figure. Again perhaps it is an idea to either zip up your old website and email it to others, or letters of the URL and we will have a look at the website for you.

When we purchase sites without traffic or copyright passes to vanilla circus Ltd. All logos and company or business names that are trademarked or otherwise are removed. All names of persons, email addresses, physical addresses and telephone numbers are also removed.