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What We Buy

Traffic Sites, websites with existing traffic and/or revenueGetting rid of your website? get in touch, better some money than simply deleting it!

If you’re done with your website, we’re interested in buying domains and websites together because of the value in the traffic going to your site. All previous logos, copyrighted and trademarked material will be removed when we reuse your website.

Getting rid of your website? get in touch, better some money than simply deleting it!

If you’re going to get rid of your website, get in touch because it’s very possible that we want it. At Vanilla Circus, we buy websites that you have finished with. It would be a shame for you to drop a website for nothing when we could pay you for it.

Vanilla Circus is a reputable, VAT-registered company and members of Nominet. We’ve worked within website development four years and involved in domains and websites for twelve years in total.

Sometimes there comes a time when you don’t need a website or don’t have the time to go on keeping a website up to date. Just as you might sell on an unused item of furniture or any other belonging, you can sell it in. Why not make money from it?

How to value your website

The value of any website is gained by breaking the site down into sellable parts. Content, images, social media accounts, traffic, domain and backlinks.

OK example

https://network-data-cabling.co.uk/  (430 pages)

https://network-data-cabling.co.uk/blog/ (125 pages)

This domian has the following criteria

DA 34 Moz.com

PA 39 Moz.com

This website has the following criteria

Content pages 125

Pages in total 430

Age 2012 ( 7 years)

Traffic 4 – 6000 pcm

Break up Value: £178.00