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How much we pay for sites

All of the below values are cumulative. Ie if a site has scrap value, and traffic and revenue then you add all the figures together and you get an idea of the value of your website. Please not these are just estimates and the price we offer for you site may be more or less.

Scrap value - £1 per page

If a site is being decommissioned or has simply come to the end of its time and the domain is not going to be renewed, then we pay £1.00 per web page. We would need proof of ownership and copyright for the content and images. Normally this is a very simple process. Get estimate.

Example: a site is 221 pages, we count all pages that have more than 75 words of unique content. Category pages and product pages with little or no content are not counted. We would offer about £180 on average. Article and blog pages are worth more that category or product pages.

Traffic Value - £20 per 1000 uniques

We pay £30 per 1000 unique visitors a site is receiving legitimately. Statistics need to be available to check. Traffic consistent for a period of at least three months. We must have access to analytics and be able to test traffic claims in real time. We have been doing this for 13 years so we have seen every trick in the book! Get a quote on your site.

Example value: a website receives 10,000 uniques per annum. We would page £200.00 for this site.

Revenue Value - 10p on a pound

As above we would need access to data to corroborate this. Price paid for revenue is 10p for every pound of revenue generated in a three month period. Therefore if your website generate £400.00 from affiliate of ad revenue over a year we would pay you £40 for the site. Contact us

Subject - 10% extra

Financial websites are worth more than websites about knitting. The right subject can add up 10% more on the value of your site

Quality - 10% extra

If you site is well designed then it is worth more. If the content is well researched and well written then again it is worth more.

Domain - 10% Extra

If the domain is worth anything then we also offer on that. We pay all transfer fee.

Get in touch, we reply to every website offered and on average buy one in three websites offered.

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Please note "we buy any website" not a domain without a website