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The buying process is straight forward and we are here 5 days a week 9-6 to speak to by telephone on 020 8879 3340 or by email.


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The process

The process of selling website, beard and off-line site which is no longer required or an existing current website which is attracting traffic is very simple.

  1. Firstly we need to see what you're selling. With websites which are still live in a simple matter of emailing us the URL (website address). If the website is no longer live, and has been taken off-line, then please zip up the files (you can ignore images should you wish to make the file size smaller), and email them to us.

  2. We will then get back to you by email offering your price.

  3. If the price is acceptable you the customer will transfer the domain to us. And allow others to either copy the site through a browser-based application, or for us access to your hosting and we will copy it for you.

  4. On completion we ask you to sign a declaration that the website is yours to sell, that that you own all of the copyright to the design, images and content. It is very important that we can verify that the site is actually yours to sell!

With that in place we transfer the money to you via BACS or by PayPal.

Any questions? Call 020 8879 3340.